New Facebook Policy

TSG loves how the Facebook fan page continues to flourish – it’s really taken on a life of it’s own, which is kind of the point. Our Discussions section in particular features a wide array of topics, from my Daily Discussions to updates on family members, etc.

Lately we’ve seen an increase in the number of discussions in which Swaggernauts are asking for votes for a contest, money or personal information. We’re uneasy about those solicitations since they have nothing to do with us; however, since we’ve seen people’s lives positively affected by these solicitations, rather than eliminating them altogether, we’re asking YOU to be aware and responsible.

Please be aware that you should ALWAYS be cautious about giving away your personal information to anyone. Since we don’t want to prevent people from legitimately soliciting, effective immediately we’re going to insist that all contest & solicitation posts feature the following text in their FIRST post:

This solicitation is in no way associated with, endorsed by or run in conjunction with TSG, or any of its partners. Neither TSG, or any of its partners make any guarantees as to the legitimacy of this promotion or its results. Always exercise caution when sharing any sensitive, personal information.

Bookmark this post, and come back to it any time you plan on starting a solicitation thread.
If we don’t see this at the top of your solicitation, we’ll remove it – then you can just create an identical discussion and include the text.
It’s very important to us that the Facebook page be a safe place – please do your part and adhere to the basic rules of conduct that we establish – it makes the page a fun place for everyone.