TSGal Presents: Revenge Is…

Concerts and music festivals are one of my favorite leisurely activities. A day filled with sonic soundscapes, tennis shoes and my ability to sneak food inside any given venue, is an excellent reason to wear my most-outspoken tee-shirt hoping it will ignite a few positive conversations with strangers.

We’ve all see the below genre of concert T:

So I have a small suggestion for ya, one that will not only spark up that fresh conversation you’ve been seeking but also supports the protection and tender care of our environment: This t-shirt boasting “Upon Education Rests the Fate of the Nation,” is sure to be a hot topic at any of the big music events. Even with educational budget cuts happening, technology is still the one thing that empowers our youth with endless knowledge. It is important that we teach our youth the simple values of caring for each other, recycling and being resourceful. These are also the same basic tools you need to have to be efficient with your internet browsing and expanding your tech skills. Technology is rapidly changing and providing more information and resources at every moment, which provides a greater possibility for individuals to educate themselves on any subject matter that interests them.

This JFK inspired t-shirt is 1,299 SB and is offered by Revenge Is, an organization that prides itself on their Socially & Environmental conscience clothing – the shirts are 50% organized cotton and 50% recycled plastic, but don’t let that fool you because they’re super soft.

So next time you’re out at a show, go wearing as little a carbon footprint as possible and do not throw your trash on the ground, even if everyone else is!

Until Next Time,