TSG’s Song of the Day

Have you ever wondered how TSG picks the Song of the Day? I can tell you that there are a bunch of reasons for any particular selection, but they all have one this in common: they’re broadcast to all of you via Blip.fm, a really cool website where you get to be the DJ of your own radio station. You build an audience of “listeners” and give people “props” when you like their song choice – you can also “reblip” it (similar to forwarding an email to your friends or retweeting or Twitter). You even get badges for certain achievements and can automatically share your choices to Twitter or Facebook (you control this 100%). You also get to look through the history of your “blips”, meaning you can look at every Song of the Day I’ve chosen since we joined.

TSG switched to Blip.fm recently, so take some time to check it out for yourself – accounts are free, the site’s a lot of fun, and pretty soon I’ll be following back all of the people who have followed me. Join me on Blip.fm – maybe my next Song of the Day will be from one of YOU.