Walk The Dinosaur

Trivia question: does TSG have any pets?

If you’ve been a Swaggernaut for a long time (and I do mean a long time), you might recall some discussions about my pet dino, Swagasaurus Bux. Don’t worry dinosaur lovers, I got him from a rescue shelter!

Seeing as how many of you have probably never heard of Swagasaurus, we’ve create a new vSwag showing the pre-historic reptile at his ferocious best. Of course, yours truly is featured prominently in this new vSwag so you know I’m a fan.

Remember folks, vSwags are flashy animations that you can find in the Virtuals section of the Swag Store. Once redeemed, you can post your vSwag directly to your facebook wall. Not only will your friends get to enjoy the animated antics of Swagasaurus Bux, but each vSwag comes with your referral link embedded right into it. So if your friends decide to click the swagbucks.com link which accompanies every vSwag, and then go onto register, you’ll be one referral richer. And referral bucks make Swagasaurus Bux very happy!

If you haven’t snagged a vSwag yet, you’re missing out. And at only 5 Swag Bucks a pop, you really have no excuse.