A New Kind of Offer Wall

For those who use special offers to pad their Swag Buck totals, TSG is stoked to announce that Swagbucks is teaming up with PaymentWall to bring you this exciting new Offer Wall – check it out:

You can now filter offers by using the “All, Free, Highest Paying, Easiest, Popular and Newest tabs, see how many people have completed each offer, rate and comment on offers, and even look for offers by category – each category can be filtered through using the tabs. Plus, when you roll your mouse over the “Earn Button” a popup describes the offer in more detail:
You can even click the “Missing Swagbucks?” button to check on the status of offers.
While we’re on the subject, NOSOs have NOT gone away – they’ve moved, and can now be found under the “Ways to Earn” button in your menu bar:

Be sure to check the NOSO Page daily for no hassle opportunities to earn! They’re as simple as signing up for a newsletter, and you’ll get your Swag Buck after you complete the requested action! If you don’t like the offer presented, you can skip it and see the next one!