Ah, To Be Young

There’s nothing like being a kid – who here doesn’t remember what it felt like the first time you opened the package for a toy or a new sheet of stickers. Thanks to our For The Kids section of the Swag Store, you can give that experience to your kids. We’ve got a big selection of fun toys, cool stickers and posters for kids.

We’ve even a bunch of new stuff – I’ve seen Team Swagbucks members sorting it all out and loading it into the Swag Store, and any one of them would make a fine reward for a well-behaved child.
Come to think of it, one item in particular holds a fine “reward” for any Swaggernaut. That’s because I’ve hidden a 12 Swag Buck code on the page of one of the new items.
If only we had some advanced search function that would allow you to see ONLY the new items in that section… say, on the lefthand side of the screen. THAT would be great.
I’ll give you another hint to find it: the new product with the code is associated with a character who has had their own TV series.
Good luck – the code will be active until 3:30pm PDT