Clearing Up The Toolbar

Hey everyone,

There seems to be a lot of confusion over the way new Toolbar Bucks are distributed since the new system was put in place, so TSG has the scoop and is here to set the record straight. The toolbar bucks are random – you never know exactly when you’re going to get them, but when you do, you won’t just be receiving one – you could get up to three Swag Bucks when that little pop-up window appears. The catch is that the buck isn’t automatic – you need to be there to fill out the CAPTCHA in the required window of time. If you aren’t, you won’t get those bucks. If you leave your browser open overnight, the pop-up might come and go without your even knowing it.

When you have your browser open, be alert! You could have a nice little bonus coming your way.

If you’re experiencing technical issues – for example, the CAPTCHA characters aren’t showing, etc. – please contact support – that way our team can fix these issues faster.