Double Your Entries, Double Your Fun

This commercial proves it: Doubling your fun is the best. TSG does disagree with one point it makes, though: the best double is NOT Doublemint Gum – it’s Double Entries into Swagstakes!

This is a special deal starting right now, one Swagstakes item will give you double the entries for the same old price, giving you an extra leg up on the competition. Those double entries apply at any level. The lucky item is the Xbox 360 System – until 3pm PDT today, you can snag double entries for this item. Take advantage of this incredible deal while it lasts – 20 Swag Bucks will snag you two entries instead of just one.
When will the next Double Entry special strike? You never know – all you can know for sure is that it’ll be a great deal and it won’t last long…