HOTlanta, Here We Come

It’s another Music Monday, and we’ve got Uproar Festival tickets to give out. All you residents of the 4-0-4 and surrounding area codes, this is your chance to win the limited time Swagstakes for two tickets to the Uproar Festival sponsored by Rockstar energy drink.

If you’ve got a spare Swag Buck just lying around, this isn’t a bad way to spend it, because it can enter you in a drawing to see a great roster of bands including Search&Win partner Avenged Sevenfold. If you don’t live near this venue, just find the date nearest you and enter to win tickets to that show.

As an added incentive to go big or go home, if you snag a total of 50 or more entries for a show, you’ll be upgraded and have a chance to win tickets in the first 10 rows of the show. Doesn’t matter how you snag those 50, although getting them all at once will cost you a lot less – it’s just 24 Swag Bucks to grab ’em in bulk.
Enter now – this Swagstakes ends just before 3pm PDT.
And, as always: party on, Swaggernauts.