Kohl’s Cares Update

The response to the Kohl’s Cares contest has been strong and passionate. While a number of people have voted, taken screenshots and sent them in, a large number of people have also expressed their disappointment and anger over it. TSG wants you to know that your voices have been heard.

This promotion is the result of a sponsor coming to us asking for our help; we did a lot of thinking about it and ultimately came to the decision that the positives outweighed the negatives and brought value to our users; after all, we had run similar promotions before with Friendship Circle and hadn’t experience anywhere near the amount of push back we’ve received here.
Although we stand by our decision, we also recognize the validity of your complaints, and we promise to work with you to find charitable endeavors that we can all participate in.
To those who have already entered, we’re still doing drawings and will hold them whether we reach 1000 submissions or not.
Thank you, as always, for being an engaged, active and passionate community.