MORE Golden Tickets?!

By now, you know what it means when TSG plays this song:

It means TSG is running another Golden Ticket giveaway, this time with MORE tickets, MORE Swag Bucks and with MORE items. TSG, the Willy Wonka of Swagbucks, has hidden TEN Golden Tickets worth 100 Swag Bucks each inside select Clic Extendable Erasers:

But that’s not all. TSG has also hidden 10 tickets worth 400 Swag Bucks inside select Swagbucks Castro Hats:
You have until September 2nd to find these tickets (unless we sell out before then, of course). Each Golden Ticket has an exclusive code worth. The Golden Tickets look like this:

And the 15 Swag Buck code looks like this (and lasts until 3:00pm PDT):

If you’re lucky enough to receive a Golden Ticket, be sure to redeem it before September 30th.

Come on, Swaggernauts! Hold on to that ticket! Run for it, Swaggernauts! Run straight home and don’t stop ’til you get there!