Picking the Right Supplies for School

Picking the right school supplies is important. You always want to have the pencils or pens that you like, a cool notebook, or if you went to school back in the day, the right Trapper Keeper; unfortunately, there are so many supplies available out there that making the right choice becomes really difficult.

TSG knows how tough it is to make choices on stuff like this, so I thought I would give YOU a choice.
I’m putting out two codes right now – they’re both worth 10 Swag Bucks, both of them will last for an hour. You can only redeem ONE of the codes.
Here’s the other catch, though. I’m putting out a 15 Swag Buck code next week. If you redeem code A today, you’re voting for the 15 SB code to be released Tuesday at 8:00am PDT. If you redeem code B, you’re voting for the 15 SB code to be released Friday at 2:00pm PDT.
Whichever code gets the most redemptions will determine when next week’s code will be released.
Both codes can be found in the School Supplies section of the Swag Store.
Once you’re there, look for the most “Essential” category of supplies – both codes are hidden there.
To narrow down your search, try using the search filters on the lefthand side of the screen. move the price range, because they can be both be found on items costing less than 249 Swag Bucks. Once you’ve done that filtering, look for the codes on two objects that put you in a “sticky” situation – code A can be found on the page that will “clear” things up.
You have one hour – these codes expire at 3:00pm PDT.
Good luck!