Rewards and Earnings: The Sequel

If you recall, a few weeks back TSG asked you what the average Swaggernaut should expect to earn in a month, and your votes in the poll were unmistakeable: the majority you felt that between 500-1000 was about right. Thanks to everyone who participated.

I know that many of you earn even more than that with the aid of your referrals. I also know that it’s hard for some of you to get those referrals, and to that end I’m planning a Swag National “Referral Day” in the next few weeks, where we’re all going to work together to get at least one referral for every Swaggernaut who wants one. Here’s my question to you: What kind of tools would be helpful to you on that day? A sign up code? Lessons on the may ways you can earn a referral? Maybe a custom avatar for everyone to use on their Facebook/Twitter pages?
Tell me in the comments!