Roddenberry Search Brings the Universe Together

Recently some Team Swagbucks members went to Las Vegas to share Roddenberry Search with the countless Trekkies in attendance. One intrepid team member captured some great videos from the event which I’ll share will you in the coming weeks; today’s video proves that alien races of all kind can agree on one thing: Roddenberry Search rules, and with sweepstakes prizes like a Phone call with Nichelle “Uhura” Nichols and the Sword of Kahless (both of which end on September 1st), why wouldn’t they? Search and earning Tokens that can be redeemed for great Trek collectibles transcends galactic boundaries:

Now let’s see how well you know your Star Trek. The four people seen here are each dressed as a different alien race from Star Trek. One of those alien races is a code worth 8 Swag Bucks until 11:15am PDT. The correct answer will be all lower case and pluralized, so if one of the people were dressed as an alien from Mars, the code would be martians.
Swag Long and Prosper,