Swag to School (Supplies)

Now that TSGal has told about the Cookie’s Kids items on sale in the Swag Store, it’s TSG’s turn. We’re running a HUGE sale in our School Supplies section – filled with the tools every kid needs to be prepared for the coming school year, at up to 60% off! Over the next four days I’ll highlight different items every kid should have.

Today’s item ADDS so much to our lives. My happiness MULTIPLIES every time I see it – being DIVIDED from it would SUBTRACT the smile from my face.

Have you figured out what item I’m talking about? It’s this handy dandy Pocket Calculator, of course!

What kid doesn’t need a pocket calculator? Notice how I haven’t even mentioned the bonus pen? To snag this item, you only need 479 Swag Bucks. Check out all the items in School Supplies and start gearing up!