Take it to the Bank

For those of you U.S. Swaggernauts still looking to complete the Triple Play, TSG has an exciting offer from gWallet and HSBC – open an Online Savings Account with HSBC Bank and you’ll earn yourself 270 Swag Bucks. You only need to deposit $1.00 qualify, and it takes 24 hours to credit.
Just head over to the page below by clicking here:
Which will take you to this screen – click the apply now button to get started:

When you reach the page below, click “Start Application” and you start the process.
Fill out the application and deposit your money and you’re good to go!
Keep in mind that you’re signing up for a bank account, so they’re going to ask for some private information. Please know that it’s the bank who is asking for this info, NOT Swagbucks or gWallet. If you have any questions, you can always refer to their privacy statement, which can be found at the bottom the HSBC pages. We’ve gone through this offer ourselves and wouldn’t bring it to you unless we were 100% confident in it.

It’ll be easier than banking with these guys: