That Winning Drive

As of this writing, only 6 entries remain in the limited entry Swagstakes for the 2GB portable hard drive from HP. If you want to be one of those 6 final entrants, head over there now and plunk down your 16 Swag Bucks. If, for some reason, those 6 entries are gone when you get there, remember that these limited entry Swagstakes can disappear at any time, so you should look through all of our limited entry swagstakes and get your entries in now – after all, you know what they say – Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow:

PS – Enter *** CODE HAS EXPIRED *** until 12:30pm and I’ll spot you 8 Swag Bucks – half the entry fee for this hard drive. You can’t all enter, but you CAN all grab the 8…