The Swag Gal Presents: An Ode to Working Women

Hey Swagsters,

With school starting in weeks, it’s back to business for everyone. So I made a list of goals for myself:

1. Attempt to wash my own dishes more frequently.
2. Listen to the ideas of growing and accomplished women alike more frequently.
3. Make lists of the things I have to do and prioritize them by days and hours.
4. Change my grocery shopping list.
5. Interpret the life of others to see something positive I can take from that relationship and bring into my own life.

If you too feel that progression can only be accomplished by continued learning and an openness to the ideas of like-minded ladies, check out Working Mother magazine in the Swag Store. You can get a 2 year subscription for 1,399 SB ensuring you get a fulfilling dose of ideas to increase your productivity, health and the lives of those closest to you — your children (especially important as they prepare to go back to school!). Even if you’re not a mom there are great tips for professionals, tips and articles on health and finances, and other great info to help you have it all.

I love the idea of living a balanced organized life. In fact, enter and snag yourself 7 Swag Bucks until 5:30pm PDT

Until Next Time,