Time To Nominate the SOTM!

Alright, Swag Nation, the time has come for you to nominate the Swaggernaut who you’ve found to be the most helpful this past month, whether it was on Twitter, Facebook or somewhere else. The winner of the Swaggernaut of the Month will receive a nice 1000 Swag Buck bonus – our way of saying “Thank you for being a friend.”

If you want to nominate someone for Swaggernaut of the Month, here’s what you need to do:
1. Send an email to SOTM(AT)swagbucks.com with the subject line: (Your Swag Name) nominates (Their Swag Name)
2. In the body of that email, include no more than 5 sentences detailing why that Swaggernaut should win the award.
You cannot nominate yourself! We’ll be accepting nominations until 12:00pm PDT next Tuesday, August 31st. I’ll announce the first ever SOTM at the end of next week.
Start nominatin’!