Trekkers to Battle Stations

TSG’s Log; Stardate 64127.

For all of you Trekkers out there who are using Roddenberry Search, there are two big sweepstakes ending Wednesday, September 1st – hope you’ve been saving your Tokens!

First, for those who pledge their allegiance to the Klingon Empire, 16 Tokens enters you into a drawing to win a Sword of Kahless prototype prop:

If you’re more of a Federation-type, you’ll want to spend 11 Tokens so you can enter to win a phone call with Lieutenant Uhura herself, Nichelle NicholsDon’t forget that you can also use your Roddenberry Tokens to snag all kinds of Trek-related prizes, and all you have to do to win those Tokens is use Roddenberry Search!

TSG out.