TSGal Goes Back To School (Shopping)

All who have done too much errand running – raise hand here. (yes pun is inteded)

Back to School shopping can be tough. It’s an excellent time to walk around with your kids and learn about the colors, shapes and styles they are interested in, without a doubt. However when it’s over the last thing you want to do is make a last minute run to the store for the classic Pink-Pearl oversized and under used eraser that you forgot. The parents with the most swagger in their step that first day of school, just might be the ones who avoid the hassle of parking lots and shopping lines by shopping in the “Desk Essentials,” available in the “School Supplies” section of the Swagstore. Not only do the supplies come to you, but they have been marked down by up to 60%. The items start at 158 SB and you can find everything from pens to notepads. Check it out and let SB get you what you need to finish up school shopping this year, while you sit at home and enjoy a home made meal — maybe for this dinner you could use some of the new colors, shapes and styles you’ve noticed your kids are interested in to put it together.