TSGal Presents: Animal Masquerade

Dear Swagsters,

As you all know party planning is one of my favorite activities and in the Swag Store I found paper masks from the Cats & Dogs movie available for just 189 SB! Why is this exciting? With back to school shopping just around the corner you might as well host an end of summer soiree. And what could be better than a masquerade party with a secret mission to save the world?

Here are TSGal’s rules for the Cats & Dogs masquerade:

  • It must take place outdoors or in a garage.
  • You should notify all attendees of the required attire.
  • One mask from the movie Cats & Dogs movie
  • Denim jeans or shorts
  • Basic tank top or tennis shirt
  • Tennis shoes or something comfortable
  • You must have a game with an end goal of team unity – saving the world!
  • Scavenger hunt where you gather supplies to construct a make believe bug that will save the world by eating all the fleas. At the end of the game each team presents their bug and a mediator will choose the winner.

i. Construction paper or newspaper
ii. Crayola Crowns
iii. Paint
iv. Cardboard
v. Sticks
vi. Ribbon

A treasure hunt that requires small neighborhood clean up and provides ideas to greening your lifestyle before the next clue can be found and leads all the participants to an end location such as your favorite eatery so everyone shares the last summer supper together. (If you need help with clues, just let me know and I’ll help you out.)

Do you guys have any clever games that to bring everyone a little closer?

You must send evites informing everyone that RSVP for this event is crucial and give them the line up of the character options and the traits of each character. So that way they can be in character while saving the world!

There are four masks: Pack Leader, Shearded Genius, Sour Puss and Top Dog; so you will have to split everyone into teams of four accordingly.

Whatever you do to mark the end of summer 2010 make sure it is a memorable moment spent with the people you care for the most.

Have fun!

Until Next Time,