TSGal Presents: Brand New Jewelry

It’s not everyday, that you decorate yourself in simple yet fancy jewelry; why is that? Your jewelry box isn’t close enough to the bathroom so you forget? You don’t feel like you’d ‘fit in’ at work if you did? You are only heading to the grocery store or to drop off the kids, so what’s the purpose? It would make the nights you do get to wear jewelry feel less special?

I know that when I look good, I feel good. When I take the extra energy to ensure my hair, makeup and outfit are the way I want them to look I feel more confident in all of my conversations throughout the day. I make it work!

With that in mind, I’ve made a new goal for myself: I am going to wake every morning with enough time to ensure I am properly prepared for the day. This means I will eat a complete breakfast, make my bed and most importantly I will feel classy, yet simple before I exit the house. There are a few new pieces of jewelry available in the Swagstore from YaySave.com that spawned this revelation of mine: the Pearl Button Earrings, Silver Heart Shaped Ring and the awesome Butterfly Silver Pendant.

Just putting one of these simple charms on every day will absolutely encourage me to get out of my sweatpants and into something that shows off the woman I am proud to be. All three of these items are not so dressy that you can’t wear them everyday and since these pieces are available in the Swag Store starting at just 499 SB, it seems like a good challenge to give myself. Anyone agree?
Do any of you ladies in Swag Nation have a simple remedy that keeps you jazzed on looking your best every single day?