TSGal Presents: Musical Food For Thought

Music is a gateway to enriching your children’s neural connections and pathways; plus, we all love it, so it’s important to get them involved early on.

When children are permitted/comfortable being actively involved in music they tend to do better in reading and math once they start school, are able to focus easily, are more sociable and generally have a higher self-esteem. It’s as though the freedom of musical expression actually is inspirational.

It’s hard to gear your child’s musical tastebuds to be as refined and tasty as your own. However, there is good news for you: Your refined music (that was most likely created 30 years before their birth) isn’t where your kids first garner an interest in music. You can get them started on music that was made 30 years before your birth! The classic children’s songs, “Old MacDonald,” “London Bridges” and “B-I-N-G-O” are still the greatest way to kickstart your child’s understanding of music. They teach rhythm, familiarity, life lessons (everyone needs to know that Old MacDonald’s cow went moo, moo) and memory.

I mean there had to be a good reason that Swagbucks would add the “Kids Classic Sing Along Collection” CD from Scott Nelson and Mark Muller to the Just for Kids section of the SwagStore. These basic songs encourage clapping, tapping and singing along, which is just the beginning of how one, learns control over their own body. So if your ready to get your kiddo jump started on a life filled with music, music, that is also a positive influence on the way your preschooler approaches life, go snag up the “Kids Classic Sing Along Collection” CD for just 239 SB. Pssssttt… that’s cheap.

Not only did SB add this little gem to the store, but you can now find a Disney Princess Note Pad for the aspiring writers. Who knows, I might even be missing some cool new stuff available for your tots, so check it out and let me know if you find anything awesome for the children in your life!

In the meantime, dance Swagsters, dance!