TSGal Presents: Voice Lessons To Go

In my last post, I discussed the importance of introducing your children to music, but I failed to mention how you can expand your own music education.

There are tons of music conservatories and colleges. However, when it comes to the life of an adult, it’s highly unlikely that you have the time to enroll for formal musical education. It is also unlikely that you have lost the passion to expand your knowledge of the things you love. So I came to the conclusion that there absolutely had to be a way for everyone to enhance their music skill set and innovate ways of creating music.

So what did I do in a time of need? Turn to Swagbucks, of course! In the Swag Store’s Music section I found Voice Lessons on the Go, a set of vocal training lessons available on CD from Ariella Vaccarino. Ariella is best known for her work on La Boheme, Once Upon a Mattress, Nightmare on Elm Street VII, Highlander 3 and Jackson. In her “Voice Lessons To Go” series she covers Vocalize and Breath, Do Re Mi Ear and Pitch Training, Pure Vowels and Stamina techniques.

Everyone loves singing in the car – yes, even you do. So how can you deny that it would be nice if you actually had a little control over the tones in your voice and could recognize your own pitch? Being able to take these lessons on the drive with you, to the gym and wherever else you may go, makes it’s pretty simple to start your vocal coaching experience. Why not start your training with a true professional? The classes start at just 399 SB. Check it out! Let me know how it goes.