TSGal Presents: Yay for YaySave!

Whenever I see beautiful jewelry I always try to imagine the first impressions it might provide or the compliments it could generate from my friends and family. So I question myself: Where would I be comfortable wearing this? Who will I be seeing? What genre of people will be at said event? Will it come off pretentious? Or blend? Could these mix and match and evolve impressions? Those are the feelings and the questions that ran through my mind when I saw the Turquoise Pear-Shaped Pendant and Silver Chain from YaySave. So I thought it might be fun for everybody to work together and help us answer the question – what day to day activities, meetings or outfits could be enhanced by wearing this simple accessory?

Submit your ideas as comments describing the identity of the “Turquoise Pear.” I’d love to see your thoughts!

And while you’re considering this question, you should also consider spending 749 SB to snag up this necklace. The jewelry offered from YaySave starts at 399 SB and goes up from there. Also, comment here if you find a piece from YaySave that peaks your interest in the way the Turquoise Pear did mine.