Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays – 8/11

As usual, the Swag Nation delivered another entertaining TTPTP…
140 characters isn’t a lot to work with, but as always you guys rocked it out! Let me just say that this is one test EVERYONE passed.

Here are the honorable mentions from yesterday’s Pop Quiz Phrase That Pays – great work by ALL who entered:

“Do you like a good Pop Quiz? Well, heres 1: Can you earn more SwagBucks than me– etownsoldier246 of Everett, Massachusetts

Pop Quiz: Who gives you great gobs of goodies for just generating searches, which you generally do anyway? @SwagBucks is who! Go go go!” – Baldmark of Michigan

“I should be spending my time doing my summer school work. instead, i’m on @swagbucks. I’d definitely ace a swagsbucks Pop Quiz, though!” – hardcorenonsense of Ship Bottom, New Jersey

And the winner of a brand new, crisp, 500 Swag Buck Bill is cindyb55 of DeFuniak Springs, Florida:

“Remember when the words Pop Quiz brought terror to your heart? Well, Thanks to @swagbucks for giving Pop Quiz a new meaning…winner!


Thanks for all the tweets again and congrats to the winners!

Until we tweet again…