Twitter Tuesday Phrase That Pays – 8/25

With so much to share on the blog today, we’re getting out TTPTP winners a little late, but don’t think I’ve forgotten about it! You never cease to amaze TSG with your ability to work within those 140 characters

Here are the honorable mentions from yesterday’s Finish Line Phrase That Pays – great work by ALL who entered:

“Noticed TSG’s search page has infinity @swagbucks in his account. Can’t quite reach that Finish Line with my searches, but still fun to try.” – pgrayove of Bloomington, Indiana

“I was in a cross-country running competition where I managed to get first place,and as I crossed the Finish Line I was met by @swagbucks” – darthkarnus of Rolle, CA

“I wish the Swag Guy would Finish Line dancing and give me some @swagbucks already, I hear Amazon gift cards calling me.” – Tamleech of Las Vegas, Nevada

And the winner of a brand new, crisp, 500 Swag Buck Bill is Ruch of Delta, Utah:

@swagbucks I’m a-revvin’ my swaggin’ engine…hopin’ to charge through that Finish Line and win me a crisp 500 buck 1st-place prize!

Thanks for all the tweets again and congrats to the winners!

Until we tweet again…