Winning Tips – Hashtag mania!

As part of TSG’s winning tips I thought it would be helpful to explain to all of the tweeting Swaggernauts out there how to have a chance to earn 100 Swag Bucks just for sending a tweet with #swagbucks in it. “#swagbucks” is what’s known as a hashtag, and it basically lets people on twitter find tweets about a particular subject or event – in this case, it’s what the Swag Nation uses to discuss their favorite digital dollar.

If you follow Swagbucks on Twitter, you’ll see me send a tweet during the day saying “I just hooked up @persona @personb and @personc with 100 Swag Bucks for tweeting #swagbucks” – here are a few tips for seeing your name as one of those people:
1. When you talk about Swagbucks, use #swagbucks – simple enough…
2. When you score a searching win, redeem a prize, or are just talking about us, use the hashtag – you can use the share button to do that.
3. Look both ways before you cross the street – not a Twitter tip per se, just some sound advice.
Twitter’s actually a great site for talking with people and sharing information, and I’m on there throughout the day talking with you and sharing posts from the site. Just remember that if you also use #swagbucks in your tweets, you could score yourself 100 Swag Bucks this week!
I’ll be watching…