You Can Lay Your Finger On This Butterfinger

TSG here with an easy way to earn 12 Swag Bucks – it’s a new special offer from PaymentWall – all you have to do is install the new Butterfinger app through Facebook – here’s how you do it:
First, go to this Special Offer page and click the green Earn Swag Bucks button – that’ll take you you to this permission screen:

Click the “Allow” Button and you’ll arrive at this screen:

You can play the “The Good, The Bad and the Candy” for a chance to win prizes, or you can just play for fun – either way, you’ll get the bucks! Below, we’ve selected the “play for fun option”:
After the below video (which you can elect to skip), you’re ready to play.
The offer takes 24 hours to credit and is only valid for the first download. A personal warning from me – this game is both fun and addictive, but worth playing just for how silly it is.