Have you customized your Swagbucks Search yet?

Since you can now customize your background at Swagbucks Search, TSG decided to see what you guys were doing out there; I started a Facebook event and over 1000 screenshots of Swaggernaut-uploaded backgrounds were added.

I’ve randomly selected five of them to share with you here – the lucky Swaggernauts who submitted those backgrounds will find themselves 200 Swag Bucks richer:
From Swaggernaut goodneighbor:

From Swaggernaut Liberty612:
From Swaggernaut coconut ice cream:
From Swaggernaut neeners50:
And from Swaggernaut gumdealer328:

Thanks to everyone who submitted – if you haven’t customized your background yet it’s as easy as pie – minimum recommended upload size is 800×600 if you want to avoid that “stretchy” effect.