Refresh Yourself!

TSG here with a refreshing new special offer for US Swaggernauts that’s “The Real Thing” – Send a friend a personalized pick-me-up, courtesy of Coke. You provide the message, the polar bear provides the grunts, and Coke provides the English sub-titles. It’s an easy and fun 12 Swag Bucks, and it’s very easy to do.

That will take you to Facebook to begin the installation process:

Click allow on the screen above, and you’re ready to hand out some fresh! Just follow the step by step instructions included on the screenshots below:

This offer will take 24 hours to credit and is only for new users of the app – if you’ve already installed it, I’m sorry to say no soup for you. But you can still send a fun, refreshing message to a friend – that counts for something in this world…