SOTM: What Happened

Last week, the inaugural Swaggernaut of the Month award, like all awards, dealt with some controversy. While we were excited that the winner was an unknown, that unknown turned out to be cheating us on another site – once that was discovered we admitted our mistake and deactivated the offender.

Let me reiterate; this award is about recognizing random acts of kindness in the Swaggernaut community. Any honest Swaggernaut could win the award. However, none of us want what happened last week, and to that end we’re going to be implementing some new systems to safeguard against cheaters:
1. All nominations must be accompanied by screenshots of the SOTM nominee being helpful – see a great moment? Capture it and send it in. We’ll announce the finalists before revealing our choice for Swaggernaut of the Month.
2. It’s NOT a popularity contest – having the most votes will not necessarily make someone the winner – we reserve the right to choose SOTM based on the submissions we receive, so nobody can “game the system” by getting all their friends to nominate them.
3. Account review – when the SOTM has been chosen, we will look at their history to make sure they’re worthy of the title – that being said, everyone makes mistakes, and a small mistake that was corrected will not be held against any of you.
I think these changes are really going to help make SOTM the fun and fair contest I know it can be.
Thanks to everyone who helped us make this better!