The Verification Glitch of 2010

Recently a verification system that uses your cell phone to verify your account was put in place; there is also an alternative verification system that relies on physical mail, delivered via postcard. Through a system glitch, several people had to go through this process unnecessarily – that glitch has been repaired, and those of you who reached the verification process mistakenly should be able to redeem your prizes without any problem. If you’re using your account legitimately, you likely won’t ever see this verification system again.
The system is in place to prevent our system from being cheated. There are many people out there looking to cheat our system, which ultimately hurts our entire community. The safeguards we put in place to prevent cheating are for your protection as well as ours. To that end, if you were asked for private information and shared it with us, please know that is a necessity of the system and that NO PRIVATE INFORMATION IS EVER SHARED BY US. It is held for verification purposes only.
We appreciate your being vocal and letting us know that something was going on – it allowed us to identify and fix the glitch even quicker. We’re grateful to have users who care enough to voice their opinions, and we’re always listening, even when you think we aren’t. 🙂
Just to prove that you’re listening, let’s see how many of you enter this code worth 9 Swag Bucks – you have until 2:30pm PDT to redeem it: