TSGal Presents: One More Bonus Buy

That’s right ladies, it’s time for the final YaySave.com Bonus Buy offer available this month. What is a bonus buys? Girl! You’ve been missing out! Yaysave.com and Swagbucks have teamed up and with your $35 purchase at Yaysave.com you earn 1,000 SB. This week they are offering this: Sterling Silver Diamond/ Created Ruby Heart Necklace:

This diamond studded heart pendant adorned with a ruby encased flower on sterling silver chain is a great gift for yourself or for your daughter/sister/friend. It could be a little reminder that flowers and hearts wilt if they are not well maintained, but they shine forever if they’re appreciated. When I first saw this piece, I knew it was something that would carry meaning – why not share that meaning with the women in your life that have encouraged you along the way? Any women have stories they’d like to share about the women who have influenced them? If so, leave them here in the comments.

Keep it real ladies!


PS – The 1000 Swag Bucks are awarded after 30 days to allow for returns and exchanges. Happy shopping!