Two To Beam Up, Scotty

Yesterday was a big day over at Roddenberry search, because we saw not one but TWO big sweepstakes come to an end:

Congratulations to Swaggernaut kghanson from Redondo Beach, CA, who will be enjoying a one-on-one phone conversation with Uhura herself, Nichelle Nichols!

Swaggernaut Aaron S. of Wichita, KS is the winner of the prototype Sword of Kahless, which he can use to protect himself when he one day crosses the river of blood into Stovokor.

Of course, since two sweepstakes ended, it’s only fair that we add two MORE sweepstakes, right? That wasn’t good enough, though, so we have THREE new sweepstakes!

2 Tokens can also enter you to win an AUTOGRAPHED 2003 Lt. M’Ress Trading Card:
For 3 Tokens you can enter to win an AUTOGRAPHED TNG Ltd. Edition Trading Card:
All three of these items are great collectibles for a Trekker. All you have to do to earn the necessary tokens is use Roddenberry Search the next time you’re looking for something on the web!

TSG out.