We’re Still Working

Hey everyone – we’re still stabilizing the site, and while I don’t have a lot of news for you, I did want to check in and let you know we’re still at it, but you can also still expect site outages while we fix things. Your accounts are all safe, your Swag Bucks are safe, and if you’re new to the site, this is definitely NOT normal for us. We’ll back to normal soon enough.

In the meantime, nobody needs to panic – when we first started experiencing difficulties, this video submitted by Swaggernaut Alex P. represents the reactions I saw on the Facebook page:

We’ve all calmed down since then, but also remember that there’s no need to contact support, and due to the site problems there will be a delay in responses.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped keep everyone else calm and informed – believe me, I can’t wait to get everything back to normal around here!