Be Good To Your Yourself & Your Planet

TSG loves it when Swagbucks partners with environmentally and socially conscious companies because I know we’re bringing you products that are not only beneficial to you, but contribute in some way to making the world a better place.

We’ve recently partnered with the Amazon Herb Company to bring you 4 unique Swagstakes items from a company that has dedicated itself to support not only the Amazon Rainforest but the indigenous cultures there as well. We also get to bring you these 4 cool products:

For as little as 2 Swag Bucks you can enter to win the Rainforest Treasure Tea and Matte Tea Pack:You can snag an entry to win the Amazon PowerShake and Aquazon Dietary Supplements for as little as 4 Swag Bucks:

The ZAMU Rainforest Herb Drink 4-Pack Swagstakes starts at just 3 Swag Bucks for a single entry:Finally, be friendly to the environment and your home by entering the Clean and Green All-Natural Cleaning Solution Pack Swagstakes for as few as 5 Swag Bucks:Go ahead and enter to win these unique Swagstakes, and don’t forget to check out the Amazon Herb Company to learn more about their products and their inspirational mission.