Get Your WWE Fix from Swagbucks

If you’re a WWE fan you were most likely following all of the action from the Hell In A Cell Pay-Per-View – with John Cena becoming a member of Nexus, what will the “nxt” step be? Paul Bearer turned on the Undertaker to help Kane retain the World Heavyweight Belt – can the Deadman overcome this betrayal? How long will new WWE Champion Randy Orton hold onto his belt?

You’ll see those answers to those questions unfold over the next few weeks as these feuds unravel on Raw and Smackdown. Of course, you COULD create your own storylines, feuds and Pay-Per-Views if you win the Swagstakes for Smackdown vs Raw 2011 for either XBox 360 or PS3 – it’s just another feature in a game that just might put all previous versions of SVR to shame.
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What would your ultimate WWE dream match be?