Getting Toolbar Messages

TSG loves putting codes and messages in the Swagbucks Toolbar for you to find. However, there are always those of you who have trouble getting my messages to you. Keeping in mind that a third party company provides our toolbar for us, here are a few tips that will help you get your messages if they don’t arrive automatically. Some people have reported getting messages much, much later, here are two things you can do to see if you have new messages:

First, go to From TSG:

1. Try clicking the green Refresh button:

2. You can also click on the word “Message” – both actions will check for and retrieve messages for you.
So the next time the Swidget tells you there’s a Toolbar code and you don’t see a message from me, try these two steps before contacting support – however, if that’s not working, please do let us know – don’t forget that you contact support by clicking the purple on the FAQ page.