I Love Widget

Also, I love lamp. Truly, though – the Swidget is an amazing thing – I know most of you use it find codes, which it’s great for, but you can also use it for so much more.

Just clicking any of the five buttons at the bottom allows to do a bunch of things – want to search using Swagbucks? Boom. Done. Click the prizes tab and you can not only snag prizes right from the widget, but allow potential referrals to see the kinds of prizes they could win if they signed up under your account, which they can do by clicking the “Sign Up” button at far right.
You can even read this very blog right from your Swidget – who knows, some of you may be doing it this very second!
Whether it sits somewhere on your Facebook page or on your blog/website, the Swidget can be much more than a Swag Code checker (although it’s definitely great for that) – it’s also a great all around tool that can be used to search, redeem, read and get those referrals we all crave.
What do YOU use the Swidget for, outside of code alerts?