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Ask The Swag Gal: October 27th, 2010

Posted by on Wed, October 27th, 2010 at 7:00 am

For this week’s Ask the Swag Gal we have a concerned trick-or-treater with the age-old question of when it becomes inappropriate to let your kids romp the streets saying “Trick-orTreat!”

Hi there Swag Gal!

My question is one that I am sure a lot of parents have. What age should be the cut off for Trick-or-Treating? Every year it seems that I see more and more teenagers (and sometimes into their 20s!) coming to my door. I stopped Trick-or-Treating after my freshman year in high school, but oftentimes parents let their teens have supervised parties instead, offering an alternative. What’s your opinion? How about Swagnations opinion?


Dear ILoveCandy,

I know this can be quite the puzzling experience when a trick-or-treater that is dressed like a skeleton shows up at your door and is larger than most college line backers! There are two things you can do in this situation, be thankful that this ‘youngster’ is out on the public, well-lit streets and go ahead and fork over the treats or you can refuse to fill his/her nap sack with the holiday goodies because he/she is too old.

Also, you never know, some of those bigger kids could be out gathering candy in the name of their sick brothers and/or sisters, or they could even simply be oversized for their age. Don’t let it bother you; just hope that they have approval from their parents and/or are doing a good deed for someone who is missing out on all the trick-or-treat fun. You never want to get crabby with the youth of today because their parents permit them to get out and trick-or-treating – lead by example and be kind to those who practice different parenting methods than you, especially during Halloween. Think of Halloween as more than a time for sweets; it’s your opportunity to be the sugar on top of your neighbor’s night!

I think supervised parties are the way to go if you’ve got teenagers; however, if a high school-aged or even older kid decides to ghoul around as a trick-or-treater for the night, it never really bothers me. I am always just glad to see that they are in costume and enjoying themselves. The thing I do find a tinge annoying is when someone shows up at my door saying “trick-or-treat” and is NOT in costume. If you are not going to get into the spirit of the night, I feel like you should just stay home.

What do you think Swagsters?


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