SBTV gets Tricked Out

TSG here to tell you about some new features for SBTV:

1. You may recognize the above video from Swagbucks TV – that’s because I’m sharing it here using the brand new “embed” feature – You can now take your favorite SBTV videos and share them on your website or blog, email them to a friend. You can also use these videos as a referral tool by clicking the Facebook “Share” button, which creates a status update for you that’s tied to your referral link. You can also click “Like”, which shares on your Facebook profile but is NOT tied to your referral link. You can see the Facebook buttons and the Sharing buttons below:

2. We’ve added brand new videos – there are more than 10 times the videos we started with and you can scroll through them by clicking the blue arrow beside the “related videos”:
3. Gee, if you squint at the blue text, it looks an awful lot like a Swag Code, doesn’t it? That’s because today I’ve got FIVE different Swag Codes hidden in FIVE different videos. Each Swag Code is worth 3 Swag Bucks and is available to the first 15000 people who redeem it, which means there are 75000 different opportunities to get 15 Swag Bucks. Theses Swag Codes don’t just appear when you load the page, though – they’ll appear 60 seconds into the particular video in which they’re hidden, just below the video’s description.

And they’re active… NOW! Here’s a hint as to where one of them is being kept – you’ll find it in the first two columns of featured videos when you look in the “Entertainment” Category. If you find the others before I give the clues, great! All codes are currently active.