Special Offers Update

A recent thread on the Facebook page was discussing the Wozo Posters offer on the Special Offers page that had hidden charges associated with it. Someone wrote into OfferAlert(AT)Swagbucks.com and because of that we were able to verify the issue and remove the offer.

There are two points to this story:
1. We’re always working to make sure we bring you the best possible Special Offers experience – we test offers before they go live and make sure that they’re safe.
2. When something slips through the cracks, Swaggernauts like the one who wrote in help us to make sure we can maintain our very high standard for Offers.
While I definitely understand the desire to warn others through the Facebook page, I very strongly encourage you to contact us about problems so we can do everything possible to fix them and create a better swagging environment for everyone. Be sure to use our OfferAlert email address to report offer issues like the one with Wozo and everyone will benefit!