The Swag Gal Presents: Tea Time!

There are less than 30 days a year that Los Angelenos can expect rain. Currently, downpour is becoming a frequent occurrence for the natives. I actually love the rain – the smell, sound and cool air reminds me of the heartland. I’ve been hanging out with all of my windows and doors open while I am home, sipping hot teas and watching TV. I love it; It keeps me relaxed and gives me a new activity to enjoy at home.

I don’t know if you Swagsters are like me, but I tend to collect teas and then throw them all in one drawer in my kitchen. Today I was lucky enough to come upon a gold package of tea: The Rainforest Treasure Tea that Swagbucks offers through the Amazon Herb Co:

It’s official the sweet aroma and flavor of the Rainforest Treasure Tea, along with the beautiful pitter of rain forced my body into such a relaxed state that I can guarantee that I will be trying this relaxation method with my Guy as we wind down after dinner tonight. Also, there is great news for my fellow tea admiring Swagsters: You can snag Swagstakes entries to win a double pack of this sensational tea for only 2 SB per entry. Tea is such a great way to improve your overall immune system; everyone should give tea a chance at their palette and see what it brings at some point in their life. Some of my best conversations have been over a small pot of hot tea. Something about tea can make us ladies embrace the queen inside of ourselves. Learn more about this amazing tea here.

Any ladies out there have a pivotal moment in their life that was acknowledged over tea want to share the tale with us?