TSGal Presents: Get Sirius Already!

Hey Swag Jockeys!

Ever daydreamed about being a local radio DJ? Was the main reason simply so you could have some control over the music that was being fed to you, or just because you were tired of hearing the same old songs over and over every hour? As most of you know, satellite radio came to the rescue for music consumers such as yourself, and now SB is giving you the chance to win your own SIRIUS Satellite Radio Receiver and Car Kit in the Swagstakes! Entries start at 9 SB.

With satellite radio your listening abilities are extremely expanded – you can get worldwide news that fits your interests, and you don’t have to lose that community feeling that you get with your local radio stations. How is that possible? Well, when you have radio stations such as Cosmo radio, Rosie Radio and Martha Stewart Radio you know you’re going to hear great stuff that you can share with your circle of friends and coworkers. It’s also good to have your selections of music ranging from contemporary and classical to top 40 pop music. What good woman isn’t know to enjoy a little ladylike gossip, house grooming tips, still know today’s hottest music and enjoy listening to the classical music that lets our minds do the lyric writing? You can view all of the channels available on SIRIUS radio here.

Since each entry is 9 SB, you can count on SB to be dropping that price with each additional entry but sorry to let you folks know SB aren’t covering the Sirius radio subscription services. The good news is SIRIUS radio packages start out as low as $6.99 a month.

Don’t forget just because you win Satellite radio privileges, it doesn’t mean you should give up on terrestrial radio all together. You definitely are going to want to know when you get the opportunity to win Bruno Mars tickets from your local station.