Use Your Swidget And Make A Friend

TSG knows that Swaggernauts use the the Swidget to find codes. You can search the Swag Store, search the web (and win), read this blog and even (hint hint) earn referrals! Today, you can do two of those things at the same time.
Besides showing your friends all of the cool features the swidget has to offer, if they click on the Swag Codes button and check for a code they’ll find a special sign-up code that’ll get them a bonus 20 Swag Bucks when they sign up, which they can also do from the Swidget (through your referral link, of course). This code is for people to use while signing up, NOT for people who are already members. They will use the code here while signing up:
This code will be appearing in the widget until 4:30pm PDT. After that, it’ll be active but no longer on the Swidget, since we’re having a hunt at that time. Overall, you have until 11:59pm PDT to use that code, so there’ll be plenty of time to get your potential referrals to the swidget so they earn those bonus bucks (and you can earn those matching bucks when they start getting their searching wins)!