You Don’t Know What You’re “Missing”

For those of you Swaggernauts out there who are Comic Books fans, the Autographed Set of “Days Missing Vol. 1” Comics is an awesome item we have available through a limited time Swagstakes. It’s a time travel story about a guardian of history who folds time & space to assist the progress of humanity, produced by Rod Roddenberry (son of Gene) and Trevor Roth. They’re a great read and once you finish with Volume 1 you can go out and get Volume 2, which was released on September 15th.

For those out there who are collectors, you’ll love this prize – it has all five Volume 1 issues with alternate cover artwork and autographed by the creators. Ever since alternate cover artwork became big, collectors have sought out all versions of valuable issues – you don’t have to do all of that hunting if you win this Swagstakes, made possible by the Roddenberry folks.
You can enter for as little as 7 Swag Bucks – as always, the more entries you buy at once, the more you can save!
Good Luck,