Earn Swag Bucks and Save BIG with Froobi.com

Cyber Monday may be over, but the deals aren’t slowing down, because today TSG is proud to announce our newest daily blog feature – the Froobi.com Deal of The Day! I’m sure that you have all just asked yourself 3 questions:

1) What is Froobi.com?
2) What’s their Deal of the Day?
3) Why is this on the Swag Bucks blog?

Good questions, and one’s that I’ll answer for you…..now.

Froobi.com is a new site that only sells two items per day – the first can be anything that falls into one of the “Three F’s” – (Functional, Fashionable or Fun – sometimes all three!), and the second is a high quality watch. One thing they both have in common is that they will be offered for a price that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, and if you can, then good find! Even if you could find it at a lower price somewhere else (although again, I highly doubt it), there is one thing that you absolutely, positively, without question will not be able to find anywhere on the internet besides for Froobi.com – the first ever Swag Bucks Rebate!

Here’s how it works: Everybody who purchases the Froobi Deal of the Day will get a Swag Bucks Rebate, the amount of which is on the Froobi.com homepage. But that’s not all: it’s a “Community Progressive” Rebate, meaning the more people that buy that day’s deal, the more Swag Bucks everybody gets as a Rebate! It also means that if you decide to buy 10 of that day’s item (it is the gift giving season after all), then you’ll get that day’s Swag Bucks Rebate x10.

The Froobi Daily Deals will change every day at 12pm EST/9 am PST. Most of them will be limited quantity, so act fast to get in on the Deal; once you do, tell all your friends to get in on it too because YOU will end up getting more Swag Bucks!

Get ready, because their very first Daily Deal is coming up in just 3 hours. Start counting down…