Frecklebox In The House

When I was just a little Swag Lad, I received a very special book as a gift. It was the story of a boy who went to the circus and wound up being part of the show! The best part? The boy in the story was me! When you’re a kid, personalized gifts are the kind that stick with you much longer than whatever the hottest toy is that year. Our friends at Frecklebox definitely understand that – their site is all about creating personalized gifts for your kids, and we’re lucky enough to have some of those items in the new Frecklebox Section of the Swag Store, including the custom storybook!

We have 12 different items that you can snag for as little as 499 Swag Bucks; if you want to go shopping on the Frecklebox website, stop by the Swag Store first and snag a $5 Frecklebox gift card for 249 Swag Bucks.
Did you ever receive a personalized gift as a kid?
PS – You should check that section – rumor has it I’ve hidden a Swag code somewhere in the Frecklebox items. You have until 12pm PST to find it and snag yourself 8 Swag Bucks!